Тепловоз BR110, DR

[136] Тепловоз BR110, DR

Prototype: Diesel locomotive BR 110 of the German Reichsbahn (DR). Wheel arrangement: Bo' Bo'. Operation condition: 1970s. Service: Passenger and freight trains on main and branchlines in the former GDR as well as shunting service. V 100 - steam takeover in the East. Similar as the Deutschen Bundesbahn, the German Reichsbahn planned to substitute the uneconomical steam operation with powerful electric and Diesel locomotives. Between 1966 and 1985 several building series of the V 100 were built, a total of 1146 exemplars, at LEW in Hennigsdorf for the semi heavy passenger and freight service as well as for shunting. The four axle locomotive reached a top speed of 100 km/h, it weighed 16 tons and had a power output of 736 kW. The driver's cab in the middle separates the two end parts. The Diesel engine and the cooling system are located in the front part and the air generator, light starter machine, switching cabinets, batteries and the automatic working low pressure steam tank for the train heating system amongst other things are located in the rear. The locomotive that had double traction capabilities replaced amongst others the series 38, 55, and 78 and was regarded a reliable and robust machine. The year of the reunification 1989 and the joining of the two state railways to constitute the Deutsche Bahn AG signalled the slow approach of the end that was sure to come for the series V100 which was upgraded starting 1970 to the BR 110 in the course of computerization. It was problems with lurching that demanded a lowering of the top speed to 80 km/h that made service on the main lines difficult and led to the decommissioning of the machines starting in 1990. The parked locomotives were taken over for the large part by Alstom which reconditioned them and offered them to private railway operators for sale. In many places they still enrich the day to day train service, often in eye catching livery. Model: Finely crafted and detailed model of the BR 110 with the bogie in the original black colour and with the body painted in Bordeaux red.

Железнодорожная компания
Deutsche Reichsbahn (DDR)
Бортовой номер
110 226-8
Электрическая система
Разъем для декодера
Electrical interface on traction units nach NEM 651 with plug-in fixture
Предустановленный декодер
Наличие звука
Длина по буферам
Ведущих осей
Обрезиненые бандажи
NEM 355 шахта с KK-кинематикой